Dirk Le Roux

Able to also communicate in Afrikaans, German and Dutch, I was born in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. In 2019, we joined our children and grandchildren in Germany. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Building Science and Theology as well as a TEFL Level 5 certificate from the TEFL Academy. I also have lecturing and consultation experience in soft skills, religion, construction management, and small business development.

Business English Reading – Shopping Centres

Business English Reading Reading will help you to improve your understanding of the language and build your vocabulary. Reading has numerous benefits but  unfortunately, it’s a skill that most of us don’t use enough. Not only is business English reading comprehension essential to get by in today’s business world, but there are many other benefits.

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Exports and Imports – Vocabulary

Watch this video on YouTube Negotiating – the key to success Without knowing the meaning of words and phrases required to negotiate on the international market can lead to major disadvantages. Learn Business English The following abbreviations are listed on the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) website: “The seven Incoterms® 2020 rules for any mode(s)

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brand Ambassador – 5 skills to hone in on

Transform Your Vision into Real Results Looking to become a Brand Ambassador? Make your dream come true by focusing on the most important fact that you need good business English for these 5 essential skills. Make learning Business English a primary project for your career path. Launch Project 5 Essential Skills for brand ambassadors To

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prepositions, conjunctions and other linking words

linking words Prepositions = direction – time – place – location – spatial relationships – introducing an object. Conjunctions = join two statements or other parts of a sentence Meaning ? I always buy ice cream …………….… my friends visit me. What is the meaning if I insert “when” ? What is the meaning if

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Business English Tenses The three main tenses in English are: present – past – future. These three tenses are divided into four aspects namely: the simple, the progressive,  the perfect and the  perfect progressive. Tenses Usage Triggers Example Simple Present facts – planned actions – habits – expressions of emotion always -every day – normally – often

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