common misspellings in English

Possible causes for misspellings According to OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ELT POSTED ON JANUARY 19, 2022 the reasons could be: 1. Inconsistent Pronunciation One source of difficulty is inconsistent pronunciation; many sound out ‘definately’ when they mean definitely (2). And comparatively few outside the Royal Shakespeare Company pronounce separate (1) – more typically the ‘A’ becomes an ‘E’. This problem …

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Timber Frame Construction in the wild

Explore The world of timber A Wonderful Gift Improve your business english Timber frame construction consist mainly out of using light materials, which is both important in transportation as in the handling on site. This allows also small builders with light and inexpensive equipment to operate efficiently. The dry building process allows fast completion as …

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Work Burnout

Listen to this Audio about Work Burnout – Click on the image below Burnout is: ‘‘The degree of physical and psychological fatigue and exhaustion that is perceived by the person as related to his/her work’’. – The Copenhagen Burnout Inventory Read more about the CBI Burnout symptoms “When people experience symptoms such as, e.g. headache, …

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