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Improve your Business English Skills With Us

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and we will help you getting rid of stress and anxiety when communicating with your customers, partners and colleagues internationally. You will become more confident and more efficient.

University English is not enough

In spite of graduating from an English-medium university, students did not necessarily have the proficiency needed for their careers (AEC, 2010; Birrell, 2006; Benzie, 2010,2011; Bretag, 2007).

English is crucial

“English is the language for international connections. Everybody tends to default to that. It is the language for work.” – Maureen Snow Andrade –  Utah Valley University 

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”
Suzy Kassem

3 Reasons why you should sharpen your
business English skills right now

Reduced Anxiety & Stress

Don't wait! Start now. Each step will make you stronger, more skilled, more self-confident and more successful. .

Better Relationships

Quality business communication and excellent conversations skills are the foundations of building lasting relationships with others, and is the centre of good business.

Benefit financially

Research has shown that income increased with improved business English, and thus also the quality of life. Business English has a big influence on financial competitiveness and innovation.

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30 Days no-nonsense money-back guarantee

Know what to expect

The Business English Intermediate B1-B2 course come in the form of 40 individual lessons. The first 20 lessons are available on enrolment. Once you have paid the enrolment fees, you will receive detailed instructions how to access the course. For our short courses visit our Courses page.

The course in on the “LeanDash” learning management system and you will require a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet. Lessons and quizzes are done online but assignments can be done offline and then uploaded. Pictures, audios and videos can be submitted after converted to the accepted file formats (mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, png,). All other software required can be downloaded free. (PDF reader, Open Document Software) 

You can dive right in and start with the first 20 lessons immediately. The remaining 20 lessons would be available 30 days after enrolment. The lessons could be released on request earlier on your undertaking not to cancel your enrolment. On the “Your Profile” page, you click on the link to open the course details.

In the lessons there are videos, audios, downloadable course materials, website links for further free materials and lessons. Most lessons have quizzes that should be completed and assignments that should be submitted for correction. Assignment are normally returned with in 48 hours (week days). All quizzes and assignments count for the certificate level on completion.

The course covers vocabulary, phrases, etc. to help you in various business situations such as introducing yourself (whether to new colleagues or in a job interview), writing clear and effective emails and reports, relationships in the business world, effective partaking in meetings (overcoming your stress and anxiety), speaking and keeping conversations going, and more.

Lessons are divided into sections:

  1. Introduction – with 5 lessons;
  2. Listening – with 7 lessons;
  3. Reading – with 11 lessons;
  4. Writing – with 5 lessons;
  5. Business Activities – with 6 lessons;
  6. Speaking – with 6 lessons

make your greatest impact.

It is for executives and senior managers in multinational companies wanting to communicate more efficiently with international colleagues. Growing your company represents a major corporate strategic goal and one way to achieve it is acquisitions. Research has shown that there is a direct relationship between Chief Executives’ cognitive complexity (thus their ability to use the language efficiently and fluently) and the number (as well as the size) of acquisitions and thus growth. 

The course will help you with everyday business communication, writing professional e-mails, preparing for successful interviews, talking with colleagues, phone calls, giving presentations, and much more.

Intermediate Course in business English

Widen your horizons! This could be the start of exciting things to come! Communicate efficiently with New York, London, Houston, Mumbai, Auckland, Cape Town,  Singapore or Sydney… 

“English is the principal language of international collaboration, and as in previous editions of the report, we found correlations between English and various measures of investment in R&D. This finding resonates with recent research showing that companies with managers from many countries earn more revenue from innovation than their less diverse competitors. English-speaking. teams are able to attract more diverse talent and access ideas from around the world. They are also more likely to collaborate internationally within their own organizations.”

EF English Proficiency Index

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Dirk Le Roux

Business Experience

With my native English and years of experience in the business environment,  I’m also able to communicate in Afrikaans, German and Dutch. I was born in Pretoria, capital of South Africa. In 2019, we joined our children and grandchildren in Germany. I obtained Bachelor degrees in Building Science and Theology as well as the TEFL Level 5 certificate from the TEFL Academy.

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