prepositions, conjunctions and other linking words

linking words

Prepositions = direction - time - place - location - spatial relationships - introducing an object.

Conjunctions = join two statements or other parts of a sentence

Staff Newsletter

New Appointment

The company has appointed Jackie Wells as the new Finance Director. Jackie currently works for Jeremiah & Keith plc. She intends to focus on improving the company’s financial systems. She also plans to reduce costs by 10%. Jackie is looking forward to taking up her new appointment at the beginning of next year. 

Installation of new heating system

The problems with the heating system first arose in September. Work on installing a new system will begin on the 17th of next month. Work is expected to continue for three or four days. Some offices will then be painted, and this should be completed by the end of October. by the end of October. Staff should be prepared for a lot of noise until the work is finished.

Sales of company products

Domestic sales are stable, while exports have risen slightly. Sales in Japan are expected to rise if we increase our advertising there. Exports to the USA have increased, although the weakness of the dollar has made them more expensive. We are planning a new range of baby clothing, as sales of the existing range are beginning to fall. Production will be reduced by 5% in September unless orders for our products rise.

Staff Party

A party will be held on 3 January. All employees and their families are invited, and we hope as many as possible will attend. Entertainment will be provided, as well as dancing and a buffet. The company has decided to increase its contribution, so tickets will not cost as much as we announced last month. Children are welcome, as long as you keep an eye on them all evening. As soon as we have confirmed the venue, we will let you know.

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Trade fair of the year
14-18 september

Does your firm help start-up businesses? 21st Century Business is a key event aimed at people intending to set up a business. The trade fair will provide visitors with valuable information on products and services essential for running a small business. There will be advice on obtaining finance and using Information Technology, as well as on health and safety.
Last year, 21st Century Business attracted as many as 7,000 visitors a day. 25% of the exhibitors gained 50 or more new customers, while 70% increased their customer base by over 20.
To take part in this year’s event, whether for all five days or just some, call us now. And if you book a stand by 30 June, you’ll qualify for a 25% discount. Remember, potential customers won’t know you exist unless you have a stand at the trade fair!

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Minutes of the health and safety committee meeting



Staff are complaining about the poor lighting in the main office. The Secretary of the Committee recently obtained quotes for new lighting which we passed to the management board. The committee is still waiting for their decision. We are hoping the board will let us know within the next few weeks.

New drinks machine

Of the three types of machine we looked at, Maxcup appeared to be the best option. The committee now has to find a new location, as our current machine causes problems near the fire exit if several people use the machine at the same time. It was decided to put off taking the decision, and we expect to have enough information by the end of the month.

Conference attendance

John Cavendish expects to be away at the conference from 1st to 8th of next month. Rebecca Smith has agreed to assist us in his absence. John has made a useful list of contacts in order to help her research new safety equipment.


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