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Reading will help you to improve your understanding of the language and build your vocabulary.

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Reading has numerous benefits but  unfortunately, it’s a skill that most of us don’t use enough. Not only is business English reading comprehension essential to get by in today’s business world, but there are many other benefits. On the right hand I listed some of them.

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build a good self-image

develop your imagination

reduce stress

discover the world


Interesting and
engaging texts which include increasingly rich vocabulary are utilised to increase student interest
and enjoyment in reading and learning. Effective communication skills will enable you to be successful global citizens in today’s gloabal economy.

I want a lively centre full of exciting events, where my well-trained staff are ambassadors for the company.’ .

Peter Maurice

Reading 5 - Exercise 2 - Answers

The relevant part of the text for each question is given.

1. D (There is too much to choose from.) ‘the public go into a shop and find so much there that they can’t decide what to buy, so they don’t buy anything.’

2. B (sometimes annoys them.) ‘The things they say about me are what I expect, because … I know … that I can make people a little angry.’

3. F (the importance of being confident and having a positive attitude) ‘I admire the strength of character and the ambition of the people there, and brought back two very significant words: “No problem”.

4. E (hold an event to compete with the Capital Boat Show) ‘Big Events is working on plans for a boat show to rival the Capital Boat Show’

5. A (bring entertainment to the centre.) ‘he plans to look at ways of expanding Star City … , to include major shows and concerts.’

6. C (Plans for developing a business). ‘he wants to change the whole feeling of the business’ (first paragraph), ‘Big Events is working on plans for a boat show to rival the Capital Boat Show’ (fourth paragraph), ‘For the immediate future, Maurice will continue with the essential work of updating the centre. After that, he plans to look at ways of expanding Star City beyond the present conferences and exhibitions, to include major shows and concerts.’ (last paragraph)

Reading 5 - Exercise 3

Success Story

Journalist Mark Stretton examines the growth of an insurance company which now
has sales of £300 million per year.

Ten years ago American-born Henry Eastman got a call from a recruitment consultancy, inviting him to give up his successful marketing career in one insurance company to become the head of another, in the UK. This new job was to work for an investment company called Brinscombe’s, which wanted him to create a brand new car insurance company. Despite the risks involved, Eastman agreed.
A lot of young drivers in the 20 to 35 age range, especially the ones who have already had accidents, have difficulties in getting car insurance because most companies think they are too big a risk. However, Eastman believes there are no problems if their annual payments are large enough. He offered them insurance cover through television commercials and attracted many customers by giving out folders in which to keep their policies safe. His strategy was a good one. Within eight years he had built the business into a national company with 500,000 customers and sales of £300 million per year.
The company is based in Manchester. The authorities there wanted to increase employment and offered Eastman a £1 million grant to start up after he promised to create 350 new jobs. He is now a major employer in the area with 1,400 staff and has also created new specialist insurance companies for women, credit-card users and people using the internet.
Eastman believes in American management methods: working as a team to get better results; not being allowed to miss lunch because you are too busy; and having fun. This belief has recently won him a place in a ‘50 Best Companies to Work For’ survey.
Brinscombe’s later decided to withdraw their investment and offered the company to the management team. They said ‘yes’, borrowed £80 million from a bank and bought it. Eastman is pleased with his success. ‘We’re a great and growing company,’ he says, ‘and we give our customers better service than they can dream of!’

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