Vocabulary – Anna’s Burnout

Words you may not know

extremely – adverb – very, or much more than usual – extremely beautiful / We all studied extremely hard for the exam.

work overload: noun – the situation in which someone has too much work to do – Work overload is one of the reasons why the two-week family holiday is becoming a thing of the past.

properly – adverb – correctly, or in a satisfactory way – I’m not properly dressed for this kind of weather.

timeously – adverb – in a timely manner – There should be a more consistent workload, which would be facilitated by Ministers adhering to guidelines and tabling bills timeously.

paternalistic – adjective – (of people in authority) making decisions for other people rather than letting them take responsibility for their own lives
finalise – Too often, health-care professionals take a paternalistic approach to patients.

venture – noun – a new activity, usually in business, that involves risk or uncertainty – She advised us to look abroad for more lucrative business ventures.

implement – verb – to start using a plan or system – The determination of policy is not your business – your job is to implement it.

franchises – noun – a right to sell a company’s products in a particular area using the company’s name – The franchise has proved to be extremely lucrative.

monthly – adjective/adverb – happening or produced once a month –Interest payments are payable monthly.

bond – noun – a type of bond that is protected by a mortgage on a property that can be sold, if necessary, to pay back the bond

a drop in the bucket – noun – a very small amount compared to the amount needed – All the money we raised was just a drop in the bucket.

For the rest of the text write all the words/phrases you don’t understand down, look them up in a dictionary and study them.