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Speaking 1

Key to Student’s Worksheet

  1. A doesn’t answer the question. B is better because it answers the question and isn’t too long. The speaker also says I’m taking a business course, rather than I’m studying: using different words from the question helps to show what they know.
  2. A is better. Instead of stopping at I don’t have any free time, the speaker goes on to talk hypothetically. They also use free time as an alternative to spare time, showing that they know both phrases.
  3. A doesn’t clearly show the speaker’s opinion, and they haven’t given any reason for their opinion (whatever it is!). B makes the opinion clear and gives a reason.
  4. A is better. The speaker hasn’t thought about this before, but uses the question as an opportunity to speculate. Although B is a good answer, it is too long and repeats most of the question twice.
  5. A consists only of words and phrases, showing the speaker’s knowledge of vocabulary but not of putting words together into sentences. B is better, as it is connected, and includes a reason for mentioning colleagues.

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