It's time to overcome your fears to speak up in meetings

Let your voice be heard. Gain confidence to interrupt and speak up in meetings.

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Set a goal

You may want to say one thing about a specific agenda point. Once you have achieved this goal you’ll feel more confident.

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Make a list of your thoughts that can be pertinent to the meeting. This includes practising using phrases and words used generally in such meetings.

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Use your expertise to provide needed context in the discussion. What is your specific expertise?


Discuss items you want to raise in the meeting with somebody that will also be in the meeting ahead of the meeting. By doing this the other person will know that you would like to say something and he/she might even ask your opinion in the meeting.

Avoid minimising

Do not use words or phrases that minimise what you have to say such as “I am not sure, but….”, “I don’t really know….” or “this might be a stupid question….”

raising your hand

A quick way to draw attention to yourself is by raising your hand.

you were invited

Remember that you were invited for a reason. Even if your English isn’t fantastic, take a chance, make a few mistakes and speak up. You’ll be surprised at the results!