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Timber Frame Business English
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Waiting for garden layout and completion

Timber Frame Business English
Entrance Hall to Lounge

Timber glass sliding doors leading to lounge

Load-bearing walls (frames) – shall be designed to support and transfer loads to foundations safely and without undue movement.

Individual studs (upright timbers in the frames) should be not less than 37mm wide, at maximum 600mm centres.

Multiple studs (more than one stud) should be included to support multiple joists and other point loads

Wall panels should be adequately fixed to the sole plate which in turn should be anchored to the substructure to resist all the lateral and vertical forces acting at these junctions.

Wall panels should be securely fixed together and fixed to floor and roof framing where appropriate. Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent buckling.

If head binders are not provided joists and roof trusses, including girder trusses and other similar loads, should bear directly over studs.

Breather membranes should be lapped.

Insulation should normally be placed within the stud void.

Timber cladding should be treated in accordance with the guidance…

The design should detail the position and type of fire-stops in accordance with relevant Building Regulations.

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